The Shape CORE platform opens the door to a global market without language barriers

The Shape CORE platform has expanded its integration with OpenAI and now uses GPT technology, advanced machine learning, to enable accurate and understandable automatic content translation. Our users can enjoy precise translations - from item names to web content, without having to manually translate each item. This solution saves time and resources for companies that want to expand their business to the international market.

The new automated translation module has the ability to quickly translate content from one language to another without losing quality or precision. Also, it facilitates setting up multilingual web shop by automatically translating all entities of the parent (initial) store.

global web shop

How does it work?

1. Setting up a new store

In the admin interface after choosing to add a new store (that is, a new or additional language) Shape users can click on the button to start the automatic generation of translations for all elements of the web shop.

By automatically translating all elements from the parent store, our users can easily adapt their content to different language markets. This enables better communication with customers around the world and a personalized experience in their native language.


translate web shop

2. Translating individual elements

You can generate translations for individual elements as well, for example everything that is added later in the work, after the initialization of the store in another language.


What does that mean? Let's go through the steps together:

- you have an existing web shop in the Croatian language

- decide that you want to set up the same web shop in English for your foreign customers

- you add another store with all the existing elements that the original one has and start automatic translation (you can deactivate the elements you don't want enabled for the foreign market after initializing the store)

- in further work, you can decide to publish some or all of the content, for example blog posts, in both languages - create them in one store, turn on the display in the other store and by clicking on the button start the translation of the complete blog post - title, meta data and content


See what it looks like:

*Currently provided for a total of 3 additional languages in addition to Croatian - English, German and Slovenian.

**To use the translation module, users must have their own OpenAI key.


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