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Advanced eCommerce solution with integrated ERP, CRM, DMS, Shared inbox and much more. All in single aplication.


Third party ERP, CRM, Supplier, Bank, Delivery service and any other one or two way integration on your request.

User friendly

Our UI and UX experts will make your new eCommerce your advantage, not a complicated trouble for your customers.

Mobile friendly

More than 50% of all eCommerce transactions are made on mobile devices. We put special attention that all eCommerce solutions are responsive and intuitive.

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Our latest works
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  • Makromikro
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Integral putovanja
Moj toner
Dječja igrališta
Advanced features
  • Repeating customers detections and notification in advance (with discount code)
  • Customer journey tracking
  • Integrated CRM
  • Integrated Task management
  • Integrated Project management
  • Integrated Invoicing
  • Integrated Warehouse management
  • Integrated Shared Inbox
Standard features
  • Unlimited number of products and attributes
  • Different templates for different product groups
  • List view and grid view
  • Simple search with autocomplete
  • Advanced search with attributes
  • Bundle products
  • Configurable products
  • Category editing with an automatic redirect to the new URL
  • Unlimited number of additional static pages
  • Customer care module (FAQ, customer complaints, how-to)
  • Product stock management
  • Customer reviews
  • Chat modules
Pricing features
  • Custom pricing politics (price1, price2, rebates based on products, product groups, customers, customer groups)
  • Discounts and rebates for a group of customers
  • Discounts and rebates for group of products
  • Net prices for B2B customers Rules for discounts in checkout (free delivery for xy, 2+1 free)
Marketing features
  • Up sale, Crossell, related products
  • Promo codes (individual, public, time based)
  • Loyalty program 
  • Custom blocks for marketing purpose
  • Export for Adwords dynamic remarketing
  • User friendly title editor 
  • User friendly H1 editor 
  • User friendly meta description editor
  • User friendly meta keywords editor
  • User friendly canonical editor
  • User friendly meta robots tags editor
  • Custom algorithms and templates for automatic canonical tags, titles, and descriptions (can be manually overridden)
  • Automatic redirects for deleted products
  • Implementations of OG, Twitter and schema org metadata
  • Automatic generation of XML sitemaps
Payment & delivery options
  • Different payment options (Credit cards, Paypal, on delivery etc)
  • Delivery rules (based on weight, location etc)
  • ERP integration
  • CRM integration
  • Newsletter integration
  • Supplier integration
  • Bank integration
  • XML export
Why choose the Shape Core platform?

Creating a web shop is not a one-time job, online business is developing faster than ever before, and to be better than competitors it is not enough to follow trends, it is necessary to anticipate them and be one step ahead of the competition. This is exactly our mission, to be ahead of the trend and competition in the field of online shopping, and thus enable you to always be one step ahead.

The web shop itself, ie the ecommerce is only one of the segments important for online business, so our development is focused on a complete integrated solution for online business.

Unlike most companies that offer web shops as a stand-alone solution, our platform today offers several functionalities in a single interface for which you have needed 2 or more software solutions so far:

Web shop

CRM system

Shared inbox


Warehouse management

Task management for employees

Project management

These modules will make your business easier, but we have also placed special emphasis on tools and functionalities aimed at improving sales, and our platform also offers advanced tools that will give a new dimension to your web shop:

Dynamic pricing module - a tool that independently optimizes prices in your web shop using a specially developed algorithm that monitors customer behavior and sales performance of each product

Sales analysis module and automated emailing - this module analyzes bent sales data, notices inconsistencies, and based on them has the ability to send predefined emails to customers


In addition to the above functionalities, our development team works every day on further automation of all processes in online business, which results in new modules that will always keep you one step ahead.

CRM modules are powerfull alone - but they are even better together

module combination

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