Custom eCommerce website for every client.

SHAPE Core eCommerce is being developed on own platform, thus every website can be fully customized according to the client's needs.

B2C i B2B websites.

  • Set up B2C eCommerce website - find your way to new customers and improve profitability. 
  • Start your B2B eCommerce website and bring your business (B2B) to the next level, provide top service for your clients. 

Basic packages with upgrades available. 

To make it easy for clients to analyze offers and to make the final decision, we have formed 2 basic packages:

  • SHAPE Core Basic and 
  • SHAPE Core Advanced

that have specified functionalities and a defined price. Additionally, every project can have extra features specified by the client - if that is the case, SHAPE Core State of the Art package is formed as a base for final offer. 

Full-service digital marketing.

After setting-up the website, we can continue to work together through digital marketing activities. 

Let's work together on defining your offer, target customers. We will provide guidance and use advanced digital marketing tools to expand your customer base and consider eCommerce as a valuable revenue stream. 

Request an offer, we will get back to you in 2 working days.