Integration with the Webpower Adria system for e-mail marketing and marketing automation is available in the Shape Core platform for eCommerce business.

 What is email marketing?

E-mail marketing is an integral part of digital marketing based on sending offers, notifications, blogs or news to a specific group of recipients. In other words, it is sending a newsletter with the aim of creating a lasting relationship with potential customers or clients.

The main goal of e-mail marketing is conversion. Conversion can be defined in different ways, depending on the business of the company implementing this kind of marketing strategy, all in relation to the size of the recipient base:

  • Number of visits to the website
  • Number of product or service inquiries
  • Number of e-books or whitepapers downloaded
  • Number of purchases of a product or service
  • Realized income from product sales
  • The last two conversions are characteristic of e-Commerce business.

E-mail marketing is still one of the more efficient channels for promoting the web shop's offer (along with social networks and classic Google advertising), regardless of the (incorrect) wider public perception that newsletters are just something that ends up in the spam folder.

About the Webpower Adria solution

Webpower Adria is a solution for marketing automation, specialized in e-mail marketing with additional services such as SMS communication. The company operates in several countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, and the specificity of Webpower is that it is the only company specializing in e-mail marketing locally present in Croatia.
What does that mean? E-mail marketing experts in the Zagreb office ensure that all users receive timely and high-quality customer support and advice for more efficient campaigns.

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What does Webpower offer?

Basic functions for sending newsletters:

  • Personalized newsletters for each company, depending on the visual identity, the target group of recipients and the service or product being sold
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  • Multiple languages and multiple templates, all in the same editor
  • Personalized forms for signing up for the newsletter - each user of the platform can specify the data they want to collect about their audience
  • Personalized system pages and welcome mail (confirmation of subscription to the newsletter) - an opportunity to address a potential customer or client for the first time with key brand messages
  • The possibility of richly equipping emails (photo rotator, integrated video in emails, count down timer, QR codes, bar codes, coupons)
  • Conditional e-mail title (eg, depending on the gender of the recipient, two e-mail titles are set)
  • Conditional content in a certain block (eg again depending on the gender of the recipient, the target product is placed in the first field)
  • Tracking conversions (value of orders from customers who came to the webshop via a link in the newsletter)
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Advanced marketing automation and workflow definition:

  • Automatic e-mail messages that are sent according to a specific rule (e.g. X days before the expiration of the insurance policy or cooperation agreement, as a reminder for the obligation to renew the agreement)
  • Birthday messages for employees or co-workers
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  • Automated e-mails in online sales (so-called transactional e-mails):
    • Welcome email
    • Purchase confirmation
    • Reorder email
    • Abandoned shopping cart
    • Email with the products in the basket
    • Product rating
    • Delivery confirmation
    • The product is available again
    • Sale of favorite products

Mobile marketing:

  • Sending SMS messages (eg promotional campaigns, coupons, information, short-term offers)

For all of the above, Webpower provides detailed reporting that includes the changes in the number of subscribers, technical deliverability of emails, open and click rates (percentage of emails that are opened and clicked on), and conversions.

Webpower has arranged its options into 3 packages: Basic, Professional and Enterprise, so that each company can choose the functionalities it needs and will use in its daily work.

Webpower integration

In addition to basic options such as saving new subscribers to the Webpower database, integrated e-mail marketing enables even more advanced marketing automation.

Each individual customer can be classified into a specific value group based on the frequency of opening and reading of sent e-mails, taking into account the amount of purchases made, and special benefits and offers can be sent based on this.

For webshops, the after-sales process is just as important as the one before the sale, so Webpower's platform can also be used to send SMS about the change of the order status (e.g. "the order has been processed and sent", "your order is ready for collection in the branch" ).

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The possibilities of marketing automation in eCommerce are numerous, and the goals are always the same:

  • increasing the value of each existing customer (either by increasing the frequency of purchases or by increasing the value of the basket)
  • converting as many newsletter recipients as possible into customers.

When the technical solution for such activities is of the highest quality, the sky is the limit. That is why the integration of the Shape Core webshop solution and the Webpower platform for e-mail marketing proved to be a winning combination.

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