Pricing of eCommerce websites

When choosing a partner for a project, there are plenty of factors to be considered. We believe that developer-investor fit is the first. 

When creating an eCommerce website, the cost depends primarily on the scope of the project, which is defined through a detailed initial conversation with the client.

  • Price range may vary from a few thousand euros to a six-figure amount, depending on whether the website is based on a template or a customized solution that is mostly used for specific client needs.
  • Design has a big role in final pricing, meaning that the client's requirements regarding the design of the company's visual identity and the layout of the elements on the page can have a significant impact. 

eCommerce packages

For easier understanding, we have created 2 pre-defined packages, with the Advanced package being fully customizable with add-on modules.

A detailed list of functionalities and prices is available upon request.


What forms the price of a web shop?
  • Platform
  • Design
  • eCommerce website features
  • Integrations with external systems
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery options
  • Hosting and domain
eCommerce website features
Integrations with external systems
Payment methods
Delivery options
Hosting and domain

While globally most eCommerce websites run on platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce, in some countries most top websites are built on custom solutions made by domestic developers.

Solutions are made on the company's own platform, such as our Shape Core platform that is based on Symphony. 

How the platform affects the price of the website?

Developer companies that run websites on large eCommerce platforms specialize in quick customization of the basic template, setting up basic functionalities, and commissioning. Speed is often cited as an advantage, advertised from 15-20 days up. This is logical since in such a project it is necessary to invest much fewer working hours, as well as knowledge and skills, in order to get a functional webshop. This also affects the fact that the cost of creating a website is lower




The disadvantage of using a global eCommerce platform is the inability to adapt certain functionalities to the needs of the client, which very quickly proves to be crucial in any eCommerce project. 

A custom platform like Shape Core provides both options: 

  • basic functionalities for customers who need it - a simple website through which orders and payments can be received
  • additional functionalities in each part of the eCommerce website

Why go for a custom solution if you only need basic functionality?

Quite a logical question and this is the answer: because your webshop will constantly evolve, grow and change.

If you have a consistent digital marketing and a good customer support, very quickly you will see the results of your work and the new income that the website will bring you.

It will become clear that any investment in a website can be seen as an investment that pays for itself. And at that point, there is a big difference in webshops on custom platforms compared to others.

Custom solutions guarantee that every request in the form of refinement needed after a while will be possible to fulfill (ex. change of a design element, connection to an external system, or a conceptual change of a part of the website).

The design of the web shop could be divided into two parts: 

  1. company visual identity design (defining the brand, making logos, colors, visual elements)
  2. design layout elements per page (web shop layout) 

Company visual identity design

Building a new website is often associated with refreshing the visual identity of the company when it comes to companies that have been in business for some time, or with defining the brand itself when it comes to a newly established company.

Primjeri izrade logotipa

Our designers create one or more logo and brand proposals, depending on the wishes and requirements of clients. Final website pricing depends on these requirements:

if the client knows exactly what he wants, the designer will make one solution and through several iterations come up with a solution that the client likes and with which we continue production

if the description of the desired design is somewhat shorter, the designer approaches the development of several variants in order to select the best one, which is then further refined.

The second option requires more working hours, and thus brings a higher cost.

But don't worry - this part will always be communicated and defined in advance, and no unexpected costs will appear.

Design layout of elements per page

Website layout, which is the arrangement of elements per page, is one of the basic parts of the UX / UI component when creating e-commerce website. Banner layout, blocks, text size and font, colors used - these are all elements that directly affect the user experience and the decisions that users make about the purchase. 

You will be offered a starting point layout that is successful and optimized, and each idea for change will be discussed together and then implemented. If a complete change of the layout of the elements is required, this is also a factor when defining the final website pricing.

It is extremely important that the brand and design of the website reflect the spirit of the company they represent, and that they communicate well with the target group of customers. 

Skica layouta web shopa

We divided the features of the websites into basic and advanced.

It is common to include all the basic features in the BASIC package when creating an offer for eCommerce website, while the advanced ones are included depending on the client's wishes and needs. That is why the price of a website building largely depends on the selected advanced features.

Let's point out the flexibility of custom solutions for eCommerce - it is not necessary to include all advanced features immediately in the project, but rather to make subsequent improvements as the eCommerce team working on the website grows. 

Basic features of eCommerce website

    • unlimited number of products and categories, custom products pages for different categories and product types 
    • number of pages and categories - no impact on pricing
    • multiple product price display options: regular price, new price, special price, sale
    • display of related products (upsell, cross-sell) or additional services depending on the category (eg. installation service, device insurance, additional warranty)
    • easy metadata entry
    • optimized sitemap
    • facets - an advanced way of separating products without the need to define special categories
    • facilitated content entry (images, blogs, product descriptions)
    • multicarrier option - the customer chooses the delivery service
    • multi package delivery
    • multipoint pickup - collection of packages by the delivery service at multiple locations
    • customer analytics by delivery method
    • integration of all communication channels (mail, web chat pr. Zendesk, social media)
    • a system for tracking customer complaints and resolving complaints
    • customer satisfaction questionnaire 
Odabir funkcionalnosti webshopa

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Advanced webshop functionalities

    • All customer data - existing and potential - is gathered in one place within the CMS
    • Initial data import is done when connecting to ERP or through direct data import (excel, CSV)
    • New customers and potential customers are added into the CMS directly or automatically (e.g. leads obtained through marketing campaigns)
      INTEGRATED CRM comes in the price of the basic webshop package, as it is an integral part of the Shape Core platform. Contact us for more information. 
    • Zero-party and First-party data usage - tracking the behavior of site visitors for the purpose of automation and personalization of marketing activities
      Example: personalized banner display, personalized newsletter, special offers for each customer. 
    • Setting up a common inbox in CMS, for general email tracking (e.g. info@, support@, help@).
    • The ticketing system ensures that no inquiries go unresolved.
    • A simple glance shows the number of newly arrived inquiries, the number of unanswered inquiries or the number of open complaints. 
    • Automatic or suggestive change in product pricing (Retail and / or Wholesale price) based on a pre-set algorithm. 
    • Assigning tasks to team members, monitoring the status of execution and time spent on the task
      E.g. editing new product descriptions, resizing photos for new products, entering a new blog, replacing banners, entering meta tags...
    • Invoicing directly in the CMS, without the need to connect to external invoicing systems

A significant factor when determining the website pricing is the number of integrations with third systems

Here comes the list of all possible integrations with SHAPE CORE eCommerce:  


  • ERP system (Enterprise resource planning) is a program that companies use in their daily business - for commercial, accounting, project and logistics operations. 
  • This step often has a cost on the ERP's side as well (the cost of a service or license by the ERP service provider) - check before starting the project!
  • Basic integration, necessary for eCommerce operations, since most of your business data is in ERP (product codes and names, categorization, pricing, stock, customer codes ...)
  • So far, we have integrated webshops with the following business systems: 
  • The connection can be: 
    • One way - ERP sends data to the website's CMS, not the other way around (mainly retrieving product data - codes, prices, stock status)
    • Two way - ERP sends data to the CMS; CMS sends data to ERP (customer data, orders)
  • The scope of synchronization is agreed in accordance with the needs of the client and can affect the cost of creating a web shop. 





  • HNB i ECB - daily exchange rates delivery
  • Court Register - according to the OIB, data from the court register are retrieved for each company and stored in the ERP
  • - credit rating agency, retrieves the credit rating of the company, suitable for B2B webshops - paid on request according to the system
  • Connection with supplier systems (B2B webshops), for receiving information on the state of stocks and purchase prices of products

Setting the method of payment is important from several aspects: 

  • Payment security is one of the crucial items when a customer decides to make a purchase on a webshop. 
  • More payment options will attract a larger circle of potential users. 
  • The cost of payment transactions can be significat (depending on the payment method), so you need to thoroughly analyze the options and choose the ones that will suit you best. 

Which payment methods are available? 

  • Cash on delivery
    The buyer pays by cash on delivery, when the delivery service delivers the shipment.Cash on delivery can be cash or card (in our market this service is currently provided by DPD)
    If this form of payment is dominant, it would be advisable to connect to the delivery service system so that you can monitor the status of your shipments and billings. 

  • Card payment
    While in the physical world of commerce it is common to have multiple POS devices and receive cards from different banks in different business accounts, in order to reduce fees, in the online world this has been simplified from the start. Payment gateway or the payment system is the one that contracts the acceptance of cards with the banks, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you best. The most recognizable in Croatia are Corvus PayWS Pay i HT Payway.
    The next step in the physical world was taken by unified POS devices, that is, companies that in retail made what online payment gateways did long ago. Of course, these companies also offer an online payment service, which is especially convenient if you have several physical branches. The most recognizable in Croatia is Monri.

  • Virtual cards or wallets 
    This category has long been popular for Paypal, innovative and locally popular KEKS Pay, and more recently, cryptocurrency payments through PayCek
    Platforms such as Revolut and Stripe, Google Pay and Apple Pay could also be included here, but this does not require any additional engagement for you as a merchant, as these are all cards that are processed through the standard card payment interface. 

  • Transaction account / Internet banking 
    There is a part of the user who is not inclined to leave card data with online merchants, so they prefer to pay directly to the transaction account of the company that runs the web shop. They should be able to generate payment data, ideally in a format ready for the Photo-pay service. 

  • Coupons / vouchers 
    This refers to coupons, ie vouchers that you, as a trader, issue or sell. They can be used in the payment process as an equal means or as a supplement to all other payment methods. For example, if a customer buys goods worth HRK 690.00 and has a voucher worth HRK 500.00, for the rest of HRK 190.00 he has the option of choosing any other payment method you offer. 

The cost of creating a web shop in terms of payment methods depends on the number of selected options and the number of integrations with external systems. 

After payment, delivery is the next most important factor in a customer's decision to buy on your webshop.

Trends in eCommerce are offering several delivery options to the customer, informing the customer about the status of his delivery and flexibility in returning the goods

  • Delivery by own vehicle - if you have your own logistics, use it for part of the orders on area that you cover
  • Personal pick-up in a store or warehouse - the buyer comes in person to pick up the order
  • More delivery services - offer customers a choice between at least two delivery services. In this way, you reduce the risk of doing business if a courier encounters problems such as delays or loss of shipments.
  • Multiple levels of service - basic and premium - Customers today are willing to pay for a better service, like same-day delivery (Locodels) or faster deliveries to more remote areas
  • Additional services - for example, gift wrapping, delivery without an invoice
  • Multipoint pickup - if you have several locations (like stores) with goods sold also online, for the purpose of stock optimization it is possible to set up a system that the delivery service collects packages from several of your branches, not just from one (or from a central warehouse). In this case, the system automatically assigns processing orders to the store that has the goods, and at the end of the day sends a collection order to the courier.
  • Delivery of orders in several packages - if the customer orders more items, and you have the goods in more locations, he can be offered the option of delivery in several packages (faster delivery) or in one package (longer delivery time). If the customer selects multiple packages, the order system joins multiple shipments and tracks each one individually. 
Opcije dostave u eCommerceu

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Informing the customer about the status of the shipment

  • via a link to the tracking code of the courier
  • sending transaction emails to the customer when a shipment status changes
  • sending an SMS to the customer when the status of the shipment changes

Returns of goods

  • preparation of documentation for the return of goods (Return receipt, Refund form) for easier return processing 
  • the possibility of returning the goods by the same delivery service as delivered, at the expense of the buyer or seller
  • notifying the customer of the return status (in arrival, received, processed, approved)

The cost of building a website depends on the selected delivery options - advanced features such as multipoint pickup or delivery in multiple packages mean a higher initial cost of setting up the system. 

Hosting, ie renting a server on which the website will be located, is a crucial part of the stability and reliability of the web shop.

While for smaller webshops it is enough to choose a well-known name in the world of hosting, such as Avalon, larger Commerce businesses need a solution that guarantees availability and stability even in periods of higher workload like Black Friday and holiday shopping fever. 

Therefore, we choose the option of VPS managed hosting for our clients, that is, a virtual private server for which we can guarantee stability. Projects are uploaded to the server with a very generous redundant capacity. In other words, we make sure that during the period of the greatest load of the online store, all websites function without glitches. The price of hosting is defined by the used space on the server, in GB. 

The website domain is the URL where the website will be located. Companies and small businesses in some countries have the right to a free national domain if it is identical to the name of the company or trade, and very often it is free.

If you do not already have a domain, we can help you register.