House of computers


Year: 2021.

Client: Feniks kompjutori

On the new fenix.hr eCommerce website you can find a wide offer of desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, printers, POS equipment, servers and other IT devices and equipment.

A special feature of this website is the possibility of filtering products according to numerous technical characteristics since this is the most important factor when buying IT equipment for the majority of the target audience.



Sales and service


Year: 2021.

Client: Eurovrt

More than 20000 happy customers of Eurovrt has a new online destination: from spring 2021. a new, modern eCommerce website is available, with a lot of products for home and garden. 

The highlighted Search field on the front page is calling users to search because more than 60% of mobile users use only search on eCommerce websites. In the background, a powerful search tool Algolia is connected, to serve customers better, faster and more precise.


Online bookshop


Year: 2020

Client: Superknjižara - online book shop

SUPERKNJIŽARA specializes in selling books on the domestic and foreign markets. Since the founding year 2001, it has been active as a physical bookstore in Zagreb on Rooseveltov trg 4 and as a web bookstore on  www.superknjizara.hr. The offer includes books published by domestic and foreign publishers, as well as a large selection of antique books.

The creation of an eCommerce website for Superknjižara was done in the year when the famous Interliber book fair was not held, so a large part of customers turned to buy these favorite holiday gifts online. 

The peculiarity of this project is a multishop concept - from the same database, two eCommerce websites are served, superknjižara.hr and jesenski-turk.hr, and both are bilingual (HR and EN). The challenge we faced was how to optimize and speed up item entry. The solution is a unique ID for each book, with the ability to enter multiple language variants of titles, descriptions, and images that represent the product. Each entry joins the desired website domain and language variant and the product with this description is displayed only on the selected version. 



Office supplies and much more
MakroMikro grupa


Year: 2020

Client: Makromikro group Ltd.

Makromikro group was formed in 2014 after merger of two companies: Makromikro d.o.o. i Stublić impex d.o.o. 
Makromikro group d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the domestic market in the segment of sales and distribution of IT equipment, distribution of office materials (inks, toners, ribbons), school supplies and stationery.

By visually rebranding and creating a new eCommerce website, the Makromikro group offered its loyal customers an additional sales channel and opened the way to new potential customers. 

The peculiarity of this project is the integration of B2C and B2B webshop into one platform. The retail (B2C) webshop is intended for individuals, while the wholesale (B2B) webshop is fully adapted to the complex structure of the Makromikro partner network, with the implemented rebate policy and payment terms per partner. 





Year: 2020

Client: HEINEKEN Croatia

Mala pivovara, part of the HEINEKEN Croatia company, launched a website specialized for in-home delivery of beer - narucipivo.hr. 

With the slogan #StayInYourCrib they have thus enabled their loyal customers a quick and practical way to buy the products they love. 

The creation of the narucipivo.hr  was challenging in terms of time, since given the market situation and the limited mobility of people every day was essential. 




Integral putovanja
Groups, cruises and exotic destinations
Integral putovanja


Year: 2019.

Client: Integral Zagreb

Integral Zagreb is one of the oldest and most famous Croatian tourist travel agencies.

A wide range of travel in the country and abroad includes various occasional travel packages (such as New Year's Eve, summer, winter), cruises, long and exotic trips as well as specialized trips to sports competitions (championships, Olympics, etc.). 

The eCommerce platform proved to be an ideal way to present all travel arrangements in the Integral Travel offer. Beautiful photos and detailed descriptions of each arrangement, with the appropriate tips in the 'Blog' section, will make the decision easier for any potential traveler.


The first oleotheque in Croatia


Year: 2018.

Client: Uje

Back in 2006, Uje was founded, a brand that represents the best Croatian olive oils and exclusive Croatian gastronomic delicacies.

One of the greatest achievements of Uje is founding the Brač Olive Cooperative, which produces Brachia, a brand of premium olive oils. In addition to top quality, Brachia is also proud of design and brand awards, such as the World Star Award for the world's best packaging. After Brachia, the team behind Uje designed and marketed a number of successful brands of gastronomic delicacies such as Uje Selection, Aroma Mediterranea, Nona and Uje Organic.

Since 2012, Uje has been present on all flights of the national airline Croatia Airlines, where it presents autochthonous Croatian flavors to numerous foreign and domestic passengers through in-flight meals. 

By creating a new eCommerce website, Uje transferred its premium offer and visual identity to the digital world and made its products available to gastronomes from all over the world. 



For garden, home and agriculture


Year: 2018.

Client: GRAMA construction and garden center

The Grama construction and garden center is part of Tvornica stočne hrane d.o.o., opened in 2007.

A wide range of products for building and furnishing the home, garden or fieldwork, pet care, and other categories has been available through the web store since 2013, and the new webshop provides users with an even better user experience and easier shopping process. 

One part of the offer consists of children's playgrounds, a special part of the range that Grama offered through a specialized webshop djecjaigralista.hr. When creating these two eCommerce websites, we used the multishop concept where several websites are served from the same database. In this way, the same stocks of goods are displayed and updated on both webshops, so that the customer has relevant information on product availability at all times. 


Djecja igralista
For private and public areas
Dječja igrališta


Year: 2018.

Client: GRAMA construction and garden center

Specialized eCommerce website djecjaigralista.hr is the platform through which GRAMA construction and garden center placed this interesting segment of products on the Croatian market. 

Djecjaigralista.hr offer a large selection of playhouses, slides, swings, trampolines, inflatables and play accessories.

Choose the playground that best suits your yard, order safely and easily via the webshop and arrive at your address ready for installation within 15 days. 




Moj toner
Wide range of printing supplies
Moj toner


Year: 2017.

Client: Mensis AV

moj-toner.com operates within the company Mensis AV, and provides clients with a complete service of outsourcing of fixed assets for business - from procurement office supplies, toner, printer and other IT equipment as well as maintenance. The offer includes the distribution of office and school supplies, and printing equipment, primarily replacement and original toners, printers, and consulting services in the field of document printing in companies.

The special feature of my-toner.com shop is the integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for customer life management, monitoring the frequency of purchases and analysis of cumulative turnover of individual customers on the basis of which special conditions are agreed, payment deadline, permanent discounts and delivery limits. ) .