We have supplemented the already existing discount approval options in the Shape CORE platform by enabling a discount on the cheapest product.

Until now you could import discounts at the product or category level from ERP, you could set them through discounts on the catalog directly in CORE or simply enable a discount on the basket, and now we have expanded the use of coupons or promo codes and enabled a discount on the cheapest product in the basket.

Applying the coupon code to the cheapest product in the cart

How does this feature work? Well, simply as it says! You can now apply the coupon code to the cheapest product in your cart. Regardless of whether it is a specific product or a group of products with the same prices, the coupon code will be applied to the first such product in the cart.
This feature is designed to be consistent with other conditions and filters you set up, whether you've limited the coupon code to specific product categories, a minimum purchase amount, or any other condition. This allows you to customize your marketing campaigns and improve the customer experience on your website.

Minimum number of products in the basket

You can now specify the minimum number of products that must be in the cart in order for the coupon code to be applied to the cheapest product. This is a great opportunity to encourage customers to buy more products and increase the average order value.
But what if the products in the basket are the same price?
Do not worry! Shape CORE automatically applies the coupon code to the first product in the cart. This ensures that your customers always get the best possible deal.
It is important to note that, even if the lowest price in the cart multiplied by a quantity is greater than the individual price of another product, the coupon code will be applied to the separate product.


New in product document management

Product documents now contain the option to create filters, which allow you to assign a single document to a specific set of products.
This new feature is especially useful when you want to apply the same terms, such as a warranty, to multiple products of the same brand or category. For example, you can assign a document with the Einhell warranty to all products of the Einhell brand, while adding only one document to the system. This means that you do not have to manually add the same document for each individual product, but simply set a filter and the document will be applied to all products that meet the filtering conditions.

Whether you need to apply certain certificates, specifications or any other type of document to multiple products, this new plugin makes your job easier.

The Shape CORE application provides you with all the necessary tools for managing and optimizing your business. From basic to advanced functionalities such as applying coupon codes to the cheapest product or the ability to add filters to product documents, the Shape CORE platform is a comprehensive tool to help you succeed in your online business.

Setting the installment number range by card type - at product level

Determining the installment number at the product level is a functionality that allows you to set the installment number for each card you accept as a payment method. This allows you to customize the installment number for each product or service you offer.

Using filters, you can determine which products the installment number determination rule applies to. Filters allow you to set the conditions for the application of a certain number of installments based on various criteria, combining the type of card and any characteristic of the product.

When determining the number of installments, priority plays an important role. Each rule has an assigned priority number, and the higher the priority number, the more important the rule. This means that rules with a higher priority will be applied first when determining the installment number. In this way, you can establish a hierarchy of rules and ensure that the desired number of installments is applied in the right way.

*It is important to note that this functionality is currently only applicable with Monri.

Determining the number of installments at the product level is a top functionality that allows you and customers a high level of flexibility when paying.

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