How to create quality web content

Your website is your shop window and a unique channel for presenting your company and products to existing and potential customers. Today’s business, whether you’re a neighborhood shoemaker or a leader in your industry, is impossible without an online presence. If you are about to embark on custom ecommerce development or redesign existing pages, use this opportunity to get the most out of this tool, improve the visibility and recognizability of your brand.

Develop a plan and strategy for your web presence and keep it in line with your business and marketing plan. Decide how you want to attract and inform visitors - blog, video channel, etc. and determine a list of topics that will help you do so. Keep track of what topics are currently hot in your industry and address them on your website. Also, keep track of the keywords that potential users are searching for and use them to customize your content for optimal SEO results.

You want to make a good impression on every visitor to your site, so take care of the design to begin with - it must be responsive and provide easy navigation and visibility. If possible, provide basic contact information above the fold, making it visible when opening the page. Encourage visitors to interact with the page, sign up for a newsletter, buy or request an offer, with clearly highlighted CTA fields that will guide them through your site.

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Think about your audience, their desires, interests and needs. Your main goal is to respond to their needs - a visitor to your site came there looking for an answer to a query and it is up to you to provide that answer quickly, concisely and clearly, keeping in mind that the tone of your site is the tone and voice of your company.

Keep in mind that the path of a (potential) client goes something like this:

  1. they become aware they have a need to be met or problem to be solved
  2. they identify the problem and possible solutions
  3. they decide on a solution

It is up to you to follow and guide them on that path. For example, if your company manufactures or sells flooring, you want a potential customer looking for floor coverings to find the information they are looking for on your site, but also for their search to end with a purchase. With uncertain customers, customers who have just started their search, you have the opportunity, for example using your blog, to inform and educate them not only about your offer but also in general about your industry, innovations and the development of new technologies. By doing so, you build your own authority and present yourself as a credible and professional source of information. In addition to building a relationship with your target audience in this way, you allow search engines to rank you better according to organic search results.


In addition to your own pages, you can increase the visibility and strength of your brand with syndicated content, ie free and paid publishing on external pages. With syndicated content it is important

  1. that the pages you publish on are ranked better than yours - that they have more authority and have more traffic than yours
  2. that it is clearly stated that this is syndicated content for optimal SEO results - the best option is to add a canonical link to the original content when republishing the content. If this is not possible, be sure to provide a link to the original content so that search engines (Google) do not read the content as pure duplicate and so that traffic naturally flows to your site.


A brief overview - how to use web content to strengthen your ecommerce solution:

  1. work out a strategy - think about who your target audience is and what you want to tell them. Try to provide solutions with your content, not just sell the product.
  2. take care of SEO optimization - from the very beginning and continuously.
  3. pay attention to design - functional and clear design encourages visitors to come and stay on your site
  4. be clear and concise, address your readers in simple language, but watch out for language mistakes
  5. encourage visitors to action - newsletter subscription, content sharing, shopping (CTA)
  6. give them a visually stimulating experience (videos, graphics) and consider providing a variety of downloadable content (remember to add recognizable elements of your brand to all downloadable content)


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