The Shipshape CORE application now includes an integrated ChatGPT, which enables users to create different types of content depending on their ultimate intent and preferences.

What is ChatGPT and how does it work?

ChatGPT is a tool for natural language processing (NLP - Natural Language Processing) created by OpenAI, which is based on the GPT-3.5 architecture. It is used to answer questions and tasks posed to it through various communication channels such as chatbots, text chats and other similar applications.

ChatGPT uses deep learning, so that it can learn complex patterns in natural language and understand different contexts, and its internal memory, which contains information about previous conversations, so that it can provide a better and more personalized response. This process is called "contextual understanding" and helps ChatGPT understand the different layers of meaning and context in a conversation.

An internal generative function allows it to create an answer that best fits the question or request. The generative function uses complex mathematical models to be able to generate natural language according to the rules of natural language grammar and semantics.


How is ChatGPT integrated into the Shipshape CORE web shop application?

Shipshape Core application allows users to use Chat GPT by clicking on the shapegpt icon on all HTML blocks or text fields such as:

  • descriptions and short descriptions of items - every good web shop needs quality descriptions and photos of products - let ChatGPT save your time

  • site or blog content - use ChatGPT to write blogs and create web content

chatgpt copy writing
  • meta descriptions - use ChatGPT for SEO and automatically generate suggested meta descriptions and keywords

chatGPT za SEO

How is ChatGPT used to create content? Examples of using the integrated ChatGPT in the Shipshape CORE web shop application

Shipshape ChatGPT integration allows you to create different types of content depending on your ultimate intention and preferences. Clicking on the shapegpt icon opens a text generation form with options for the purpose or type of content you want to create.

The module offers a wide variety of text creation templates that help create professional and effective content. Templates are designed to make the writing process easier, reduce the time needed to create content, and improve the quality of content. Templates can be used for different types of content, including blogs, articles, websites, emails, and more.

Choose from:

  • Question templates
  • Templates for content creation
  • Templates for creating meta descriptions
  • Templates for creating blogs
  • Templates for creating websites
  • Templates for creating emails
  • Using the chatGPT prompt template

By using chatGPT prompt templates, users can choose themes, styles and languages for their content, allowing them to create content that is tailored to their needs.

chatGPT screenshot


ChatGPT integration - prompt templates in application

Simply put, Shipshape CORE users have pre-generated and tested ChatGPT prompt templates at their disposal, i.e. the following content generation options:

Category Subcategory Template Description
Create Content Blogs Generate blog post titles Suggest 10 attractive blog post titles for a specific topic
    Generate blog post descriptions Suggest 10 interesting blog post descriptions for a specific title
    Generate blog post outline Create a content outline for a blog post
    Generate full blog post from outline Generate a complete blog post article from an article page. The outline can be generated by the Outline Generator
    Generate full blog post from topic Generate a complete blog article from a topic
    Generate introduction using framework Generate a paragraph of text for a topic with specific keywords
    Generate text paragraph Generate a paragraph of text for a topic with specific keywords
  Web Content Content Title Generator Suggest 10 interesting article titles for a specific topic
    Content Rewriter Rewrite the content to make it as unique as possible with a specific voice and writing style
    Short Content Generator Create a summary of the content for an article
    Content Outline Generator Create an outline for an article
    Monthly Content Calendar Generate a content calendar for the next three months
    Frequently Asked Questions Generator Generate frequently asked questions
    Plot Generator Generate a book title and plot summary
Marketing Frameworks AIDA Framework Create a marketing strategy for your company using the AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action)
    PAS Framework Develop a marketing strategy for your company using the PAS framework (Problem, Agitate, and Solution)
    BAB Framework Create a marketing strategy for your company using the BAB framework (Before, After, Bridge)
    FAB Framework Develop a marketing strategy for your company using the FAB framework (Features, Advantages, Benefits)
  Miscellaneous Create a long sales letter Create a long sales letter for a person
    Create an ideal customer profile (buyer persona) Develop a detailed profile of the ideal customer for your company
SEO Keywords Keyword strategy Create a keyword strategy based on your initial keyword
    Understand search intent Determine the search intent for your list of keywords
    Related keywords generator Obtain related keywords with search intent from your initial keyword
    Complex keyword generator Get related complex keywords with search intent from your initial keyword
  On-page optimization Meta title and description generator Generate title and meta descriptions for a list of keywords
    Create a silo structure Build a silo content structure for a website using a single keyword
    Insert keywords into content Find ways to insert specific keywords into your content
Social Media Instagram Generate Instagram carousel Create a complete carousel for Instagram with captions
    Generate Instagram caption Make an Instagram caption
    Instagram posting calendar Select a topic, the number of articles per week, and the number of months for which you want to generate content
  YouTube YouTube script creator Create a complete script for YouTube
    YouTube short script Create a 60-second script for YouTube Shorts
    YouTube titles and descriptions Generate YouTube video titles and descriptions from keywords
    YouTube article transcript Enter YT transcript and keyword to generate an article




longtail kw screenshot




chatgpt integracija result

And finally - what are the advantages of integrated ChatGPT?

  • Quick and easy setup and content management (use ChatGPT to write blogs, product and category descriptions, emails...)

  • Automated content generation (relying on ChatGPT prompt templates)

  • Increased productivity


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