Dynamic Pricing is a HOT TOPIC!

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy in which businesses change the pricing for the products and services based both on current market demand and other external and internal factors.

The prices are calculated through algorithms taking into account multiple inputs like competitor's pricing, market supply, current demand, customer behavior, and purchase history. 

Why Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing is the future of eCommerce!

  • In this growing sales channel, the competition is bigger and bigger and every trick to increase profitability is quickly accepted and implemented.
  • The algorithm and all rules for calculating prices are defined at the request of the merchant, who retains full control over prices since the system can be fully automated or partially automated (the system calculates but the administrator approves the prices).

What can you expect? 

In this eBook, you can read about:

  • What is Dynamic Pricing?
  • Examples
  • Benefits and Challenges
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategies
  • Implementation

Start your Dynamic Pricing research today: learn the basics and define your next steps!