We believe eCommerce should be...
Responsive web shop

Almost 50% of online shopping today is done over mobile phones, so adapting your website for smartphone users is extremely important. Our eCommerce websites are completely responsive and intuitive.

Integrated web shop

Data flow through different company departments is the basis for an omnichannel approach to eCommerce. Our websites are integrated with several ERP systems (Pantheon, 4D Wand, Luceed), courier companies (GLS, DPD) and e-mail marketing platforms (MailChimp, SendINblue).

Advanced web shop

Invoicing, warehouse management, task management and project management included in eCommerce website are making CMS a central place to perform your day-to-day business tasks. Smaller number of business systems means lower costs, fewer errors, and greater business efficiency - exactly what an advanced solution should bring to any company.

User-friendly web shop

When we say user-friendly, we mean two things. First, your customers get a pleasant and smooth shopping experience through an optimized website user interface and a superior user experience (UX).
Second, your employees get a clear, fast and simple way to use CMS for eCommerce activities as their main tool.

Our projects
  • Superknjižara
  • Makromikro grupa
  • Integral putovanja
  • Uje
  • Moj toner
  • Dječja igrališta
  • Qushin
Moj toner
Dječja igrališta Jungle Gym
Qushin - za pse
Makromikro grupa
Integral putovanja
Moj toner
Moj toner
Dječja igrališta
Dječja igrališta Jungle Gym
Qushin - za pse


You can read more about each project on the page Work.


eCommerce websites - basic functions


Product display | Categories | Regular prices | Promo prices | Upsell | Cross-sell



Dynamic banners | Newsletter database | Social networks | Feed for Google and Facebook


Meta data | Optimized sitemap | Blog entries | Facets


PayWay | WsPay | CorvusPay | Monri | PayCek | PayPal | Stripe | KEKS Pay | QR code


Multicarrier option | Multipoint pickup | HP | DPD | DHL | GLS


Integration of all communication channels (mail, webchat, social networks)

eCommerce websites - advanced functions


Customer data | Associated with ERP | Direct or automated entry of new contacts 


Internal customer tracking | First-party data | Abandoned cart | Personalized newsletter 


Managing general mails (info@, support@, help@) | Ticketing system | Analytics 


Automatic or suggestive changes in product sale prices (Retail and/or Wholesale price)


Tasks for team members | Status reports | Efficiency tracking


Setting up invoicing and fiscalization directly in the CMS

Products and categories
  • Unlimited number of products and attributes per product
  • Filters by every attribute
  • Different product page templates for different product groups
  • List view and grid view
  • Easy search with autocomplete
  • Advanced attribute search
  • Product bundles 
  • Configurable products
  • Editing categories with automatic redirection to the new URL
  • Product inventory management
  • Customer reviews at the product level
Product pricing
  • New price vs. old price display
  • Promotion, action or sale price
  • Custom pricing policy (price1, price2, product-based rebates, product groups, customers, customer groups)
  • Discounts and rebates for a group of customers
  • Discounts and rebates for a product group
  • Net prices for B2B customers
  • Cash discount rules (free shipping for xy pcs, 2 + 1 free)
  • Simple title editing
  • Simple H1 editing
  • Simple editing of meta description
  • Simple editing of meta keywords
  • Canonical link editor
  • Simple edit of meta robot labels
  • Custom algorithms and templates for automatic canonical marks, titles and descriptions (can be manually overridden)
  • Automatic redirects for deleted products
  • Implementation of OG, Twitter and schema.org metadata
  • Automatic generation of XML sitemaps
  • Upsell, cross-sell - related products
  • Promotional codes (individual, public, time-based)
  • Loyalty program
  • Custom blocks for marketing purposes
  • Dynamic banners
  • Export to Adwords dynamic remarketing
Payment options
Integrations with external systems
  • ERP integration
  • CRM integration
  • Newsletter integration
  • Supplier integration
  • Integration of courier systems
  • Payment system integration
  • Bank integration
  • XML Export

Why choose the SHAPE Core platform?

shape core

Choose the right partner for your eCommerce and build a new source of revenue for your business. 


Creating a successful eCommerce is not a one-time job. Online business is evolving faster than ever before. To be better than your competitors it is not enough to follow trends - you need to anticipate them and be one step ahead of the competition.

This is our mission: to be ahead of the trends in the field of eCommerce, and thus enable you to always be one step ahead.

The website itself is just one of the segments important for a successful online business, so our development is focused on a complete integrated solution for eCommerce business.


Choosing a platform when building eCommerce website

Unlike most companies that offer eCommerce websites as a stand-alone solution, our platform today offers several functionalities in a unique interface: 

  • eCommerce website with front-end and CMS
  • CRM system
  • Shared mailbox (interface for receiving and reading shared emails as info@)
  • Issuing and fiscalization of invoices
  • Warehouse management
  • Task management for employees
  • Project management

These modules will make your business easier because you will use less systems.

We have also placed special emphasis on tools and functionalities aimed at improving sales, so our platform offers advanced sales tools that will give a new dimension to your eCommerce website:

  • Dynamic pricing module - a tool that independently optimizes prices on your website using a specially developed algorithm that monitors customer behavior and sales performance of each product 
  • Module for sales analysis and automatic sending of emails to customers - this module analyzes bent sales data, notices inconsistencies, and based on them has the ability to send predefined emails to customers 
  • Module for internal customer tracking within the website- this tool will give you an insight which sites has the customer visited and which actions were performed within your websites

In addition to the listed functionalities, our development team works every day on further automation of all processes in online business, which results in new modules that will always keep you one step ahead.


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