What is Clutch?

Clutch.co is an international platform that brings together developers and service providers, users who rate them based on their own experience and new potential users who choose their future business partners based on reviews.

  • 150.000 companies in the database
  • 36.000 direct user reviews
  • 100 survey research

If you are looking for a company to develop a new business system, creating an Internet store, developing a mobile application or custom made solutions, Clutch is the right place to find a partner with the right qualifications and experience.

Shipshape on Clutch

By attending Clutch, Shipshape confirmed its position that customer satisfaction is a real confirmation of the quality of service. Our biggest reward after the project is a recommendation that the client decides to give to their business acquaintances or friends.

Shipshape reviews on Clutch

In today's business environment, the choice of developers for making a web shop, CRM or ERP very often makes a turning point in a company’s business. The implementation of such solutions increases efficiency, reduces costs and opens new markets. Therefore, selecting and hiring an external contractor is an important step in digitizing the business of any company.

Shipshape is one of the currently 125 Croatian companies present at Clutch, and we are proud to maintain a top average rating (5.00), which places us in the top 10% of Croatian developers.

How Clutch works?

After setting up a company profile, Clutch analysts check each listed company in great detail, and verify its existence and business details. After an individual client of that company enters a review, Clutch's editorial team processes and edits the content to present it in an easy-to-read and unified format, suitable for comparison with other companies. In this way, they ensure that all reviews are credible and relevant.

Clutch Leaders Matrix i Ability to Deliver Score

Clutch classifies companies in Leaders Matrix, a matrix presentation of companies based on certain indicators over time (eg. for year 2020) and for a particular category (eg. e-commerce). Partner reviews, completed projects, market presence and specialization in a particular segment are taken into account.

Clutch Leaders Matrix example

The matrix shows in one place who the leading companies in the market are (Market Leaders), which companies have proven experience (Proven Leaders), which companies are narrowly specialized (Niche Leaders), and which are well on their way to one of those three quadrants (Emerging Leaders).

     Quadrant                What Does it Mean?

     Market Leaders      Strongest ability to deliver, high focus on the desired service, received strong feedback from clients

     Proven Leaders      Strong ability to deliver, low focus on the desired service, and received strong feedback from clients

     Niche Leaders        Moderate ability to deliver, high focus on the desired service, and received strong feedback from clients

     Emerging Leaders  Moderate ability to deliver, low focus on the desired service, and strong feedback from clients

     Source: Clutch.co

For each company Clutch determines Ability to Deliver Score, rating for which, in addition to the already mentioned parameters for Leader Matrix, it also takes into account prestigious professional and / or user awards.

Successful projects

In a recent review on Clutch the director of the company Integral Zagreb d.o.o., Mr. Dalibor Drakulić, commented on the CRM development that Shipshape conducted for this successful travel agency. On the topic of project management and communication efficiency, Drakulić stated:

„The project progressed much faster than expected thanks to Shipshape’s great commitment, and connectivity through multiple channels of communication, from Asana to live meetings. I’m still surprised how we’ve done so much work in such a short period of time.„

Dalibor Drakulić, Integral d.o.o.

Thanks to this and other great reviews and the high rating of ours delivery options, we are recognized as one of the leading companies in Croatia for the development and implementation of e-commerce. We look forward to future reviews and growing on the e-Commerce leader matrix.

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